FT 301 Pages... repairs, modifications, spare parts I sell and
general information.-- I am almost sold right out of crystals, and
have no TIL 306s or 308s left in stock (the digital readout
parts)..but I have plenty of the semiconductors and some other
parts -- Im in the market to BUY more FT301s (junkers) for parts.

These older (obsolete)
ICs are voltage regulator
chips used in the FT301
(IF board) and the FP301
power supply.
MY cost to import these
10 chips came to $6.10

I will sell a few here and
there for $10each and
they are small enough
and light enough to go in
letter mail (post) for
about $1.27 in Canada
and $1.60 or so USA.
I just send them out as
overseas..email me and I
can get you a cost. NO
I do board level repairs to the FT301 and some other radios
that have removable boards. I do them by mail order. Several
people have approached me to do a mail order repair on the
entire radio. This is often not practical at all.
I find it best...if
the person sends me some "highly suspect" circuit boards..I
can test them in my radio and I can do a board level repair
often for only $20 to $30 labour.

I don't have spare final output transistors for the FT301D or
any other of the typical 100 watt radios. IN FACT..I need
some myself!!

I do have plenty of the diodes and small signal transistors
and FETs and spare circuit boards for radios such as FT301.
+++ I sell spare parts at a very reasonable price. I have
worked in the spare parts business with government and in
my own hobby work since the late 70s. My familiarity and my
current stocks are for older solid state radio parts and parts
for linear power supplies. You can email me at ve3ab (at)
rac.ca  and I can tell you if I have the part(s) you need and
For small little orders of small parts like ICs,
transistors diodes, crystals ect..often..I can just put them in
a light padded envelope and send for only $2 or so postage.
Crystals seem to go bad and need replacing with these old radios. I have sold
a good number now from my junker sets. Email me to see if I have what you
NEW information: April 2013: One fellow wrote me to say that he found ICM in
USA was a good source for FT301 crystals. They have the specs and you can
order crystals for $23 each-- I havent tried them myself (yet).

NOTE: 17 May 2012.
Recently..I was in correspondence with a fellow ham who had bought a
couple of new crystals from JAN Crystals in USA..here is what you might
expect to pay:

Jan charged me $80 (including shipping) for the two crystals. (I'm
guestimating $35 each plus $10 for S&H. The Paypal invoice just showed a
lump sum.) It's taken them about 3 weeks --if they stick to the current
delivery schedule --to deliver them.

I hope I don't need to buy your VFO but it's nice to know I have the
option available. Thanks

Earls NOTE: I was selling them for about $8 used tested. I recently bought
some for $10 each. I do still have a few crystals available and you can write
me for price/availability. My prices have had to go up to around $14.
This particular crystal I bought from Brian Carling AF4K (see his web site). I
paid close to $14 for the crystal. It is for the 10A band in the Ft301 that
covers 28 to 28.5. I had to buy a crystal because mine quit and I had no
more spares left. The crystal I bought from Brian Carling worked ok. I had to
solder on pins for the socket ..but it worked.

I bought some 24.5 mhz crystals from ebay for the 30 meter band mod..but
the frequency was a little off and I have decided to abandon the mod for 30
meters. ...I now have an FT757GX I bought second hand at a real good price
and find it has a slightly better receiver than the FT301 and better filters
ect. and the warc bands. I have been using my FT301 for dedicated slow
speed cw on the lower bands as a secondary rig now.  

The pins are cut and soldered to the crystal wires. I used my (somewhat
rusty!!) file to file the sharp edges off the cut of the pins.

I then placed the crystal into the 10A socket beside the other heterodyne
oscillator crystals for the other bands. -- you can see that it seats lower
because it is a low profile crystal.

It seems to work fine. So ..I would recommend Brian Carling for your crystal
needs. You can write me as well..Earl Andrews VE3AB (my email address are
ve3ab at rac.ca  or ve3ab@personainternet.com) and I can have a look see
in my crystal collection if I have the crystal you need. My prices are very
good and my postage rates are excellent compared to some sellers out
there..but my inventory is somewhat spotty. NONE the less..I have helped
several people out already with their spare parts and crystal needs.
I seem to remember I bought these pins at an elecronics store (Active Components in
Ottawa). I don't have a part number or information..but I am sure they can be bought on
the web or ebay. If you are stuck and need a couple of these pins..I can sell you a
couple for a quarter plus postage. NOT pay pal..unless you cover the pay pal fees!!! The
pay pal fees and postage would be more than the quarter!!!
I travel from Elliot Lake to Ottawa via the TransCanada Hiway..hwy 17 and we could meet
along the way or at the Smiths Falls Ham Radio flea market or Carp west of Ottawa flea
market and the Sudbury Ham radio flea market in the fall.
FT301s (the digital display models) do have a common problem. These older Texas Instruments TIL306 and TIL307 chips go bad. The small light emmitting diodes
burn out with time. HEAT is the big enemy of the digital display. NOTE: the one on the left had some heat sinking copper tape on the display chips to sink the
heat away from the displays. I removed the tape. I modified the voltage going to the display..droppping it with a series silicon diode by about .6 volts. The mod is
discussed frequently on web pages.
NOW.. I have done this on about 2 other rigs and no problems..but with this particular rig..it doesnt seem to like the lower
voltage. The left most digit acts up and displays a 2 from time to time when I am on 80 and 40 meters. So instead of 3755.5 khz it will read 23755.5 khz. A bit
annoying thats all.

The real permanent cure is to retrofit the FT301 with a new Liquid Crystal display from AADE almost all digital electronics. Their web page has excellent
instructions and will guide you through the process.

Spring 2012 NOTE: actually .. lately not too many hams have written me for these old TIL306s and TIL308s. I still have a few left around here if any one needs
them to fix something. I sell the TIL 306s and TIL 308s as used tested pulls for $8 each.
Typical Repairs to the FT301s  that I have done and problems I have come across
(ie people email me and often I trace schematics and read manual pages to help them with their problems. I dont charge for
this. I do charge if they send for parts from me or if they send me suspect circuit cards. My typical charge $30 labour and
mostly..the problem has been bad solder joints so no charges for parts!
Labour charge only $10 per hour when
people send me circuit boards to
troubleshoot. (The rig is too heavy to
send in the mail) -- the only way I might work on the entire
radio as a repair is if I pick it up and drop it off. I do travel
to Ottawa from time to time from Elliot Lake Ontario.

Since these are all plug in circuitboards (and) I have spare
components for theseradios..trouble shooting is actually
rather fun and straightforward.

People have sent me several boards where they suspect the
problem to be and I can narrow down the problem in about
an hour or two.

Often..the fault has been poor solder joints but sometimes
component failure. One component failure was a bad 5.1 v
zener in the RF amplifier stage. (A COMMON FAULT with
these rigs. This zener was acting like a noise generator on
the HF bands, blanketing the receiver with a 20 db over 9

Another fault I fixed for a fellow in Newfoundland was a bad
solder joint on his 9 mhz crystal filter. He sent me three
boards in the mail and the problem was on one board.

Right now..the rig I use for this board swapping and trouble
shooting is the ANALOG DIAL FT301 I recently bought.

Generally..people (especially in USA) dont send me the
entire FT301 to work on. It is a heavy large rig (compared to
something like an Atlas 210x).
People have send me (instead)..several of the printed circuit
boards that they think are defective and that is fairly
reasonable to ship across borders.
has a few emails of thanks I received from other hams who I
have helped with this radio. Also are some tips about spare
parts including the black snaps that hold down the lid. A
substitute item is available. This is of interest for for FT221
users as well.

HAS IT. It is in the section of radios from the 80s.


ALSO YAHOO GROUPS: FT301 OR YAESU FT301 (there are 2 yahoo groups)..they
have a files section with links and pdfs ect.
Below: some of the solid state parts for this older rig from the late 70s and
very early 80s. I think this was one of the first ..if not the first..fully solid state
radios that Yaesu produced (of the 100 watt variety).

NOTE: I have most of these spares..but not of them. FINAL OUTPUT
OWN FT301s as spares for myself. -- Final transistors are expensive and you
wont find them at flea markets at bargain prices ..like smaller signal
transistors!!!! Look at the RF Parts pages (California). That is where I have
gone to buy replacement final transistors. Recommended that you get a
matched pair. I (think) the replacement finals for the FT301 are 2sc2100s but
dont quote me on that..Im going from memory.
Circuit Boards develop bad connections
due to mechanical stresses with time. The
boards expand and contract with
temperature and develop these bad

I was reading about this on the Ten Tec
repair site for vintage transceivers.

Ten Tec charges $60 per hour for bench

I charge only $10 per hour..because I am
retired..I work at home and I have very
low overhead and I am trying to build up
some clients. I work in a casual way. I take
my time to do it right.

Another very time consuming job is
replacing wafer switches.
I can do this as well at $10 per hour.

I take photos and make careful sketches
and notes. With the FT301..I can use my
good working model that I use myself as a
bench mark.

I can swap boards and generally the
repair to boards only costs about $20 in
labour for a board. For a couple of boards
I can do it usually for $30. My prices are
most reasonable.

email me at ve3ab@rac.ca
I have almost all spare parts except for the FINAL OUTPUT
TRANSISTORS. I have extra spare boards and semiconductors.
Below: an article from Ham Radio Magazine concerning
modifying the FT301 for 30 meters. I haven't gotten around to
doing this. I went out and bought a second hand radio from an
old chap here in town (Yaesu FT757GX) and it has all the WARC
bands ..so I am now spoiled!!!

*** hopefully..I wont have to try and repair the FT757GX as it is a
good deal more complex than the FT301.

***** The FT757GX did develop a slight problem! It cut out on 10
meters from time to time and did not operate that band. I tapped
the top lid of the rig with my hand and it came back to life on 10
meters. Has not konked out since!!! That was a few months ago
now. I suspect a flaky solder joint. See below the article on
modifying FT301 to 30 meters.
Thumbnail pictures ..click on
them to expand and hit esc
key or back button on browser
To the left..I use the pins to fabricate a plug in
crystal using a crystal with wire leads.
Hi Earl,

Yes to all your questions:

WA1ESO@juno.com is good for payment.

I am running low on the 18 position connectors to build the Tempo 2020 extender.  (Sales have been very good.)

I am a small one man shop and have been putting out about four boards a week either in sets of four or individual boards needed.

Mentioning my offerings on your FT301 site would be very much appreciated.

FT-101 four board set  $100 + $10 S+H

FT-901 three board set   $75 + $10 S+H

SB-104/HW104 single board kit  $45 + 10 S+H

SB-303 SB313 two board and one phone plug jumper kit  $45 + $10 S+H

Tempo 2020 single board $25 + $10 S+H

Outside the USA I usually ask for an additional $5 to cover added shipping and to cover my time going to the PO.

I hope to have a set for the FT-990 someday but the design is very challenging.

Note: That I have also always offered all the above as loaners to anyone on a tight budget.  All is refunded with return of the board except S+H and the board can be used for
a month.  (No one has taken me up on this offer yet.)

TNX & 73

I found a fellow (who sells on ebay) ; and I wrote him to buy an extender board for my FT301 work.
HIs price was quite reasonable..so I told him I would write it up on my web site.

I will take some pics when the extender board comes in and I start using it. I have a good number
of FT301 circuit boards here that people have given me or I have taken from dysfunctional ft301s
and I will be fixing them this winter..pics and more articles will be written.
My FT301 sits on the low end of 80 mtrs now mostly and with
the straight key..I can do some relaxing cw.

The FT757GX is used on 20 through 10 mostly.
On 20 and 10 I have PAR end fed half waves. On 80/40 I use
my screwdriver style backyard vertical antenna.
I have to be honest..and admit..the FT757GX is a smoother
rig with dual vfos built in keyer and IF shift and cw filters ect.
Fixing the FT757GX might be a difficult chore. Being much
more sophisticated than the FT301..with microprocessor
control -- I might not be able to fix some FT757 problems /
The next few pages are typical repairs that I have done..or have been in
correspondence with other hams about. I don't publish their names and
callsigns..but Im sure any one reading this will be mostly interested in the
repair or the problem and if it relates to a problem they may be experiencing.
I have a good many of the ICs that I have bought on line as spares. The FETs..I
have either good substitute devices or I can pull them from good boards.

I am always on the lookout for older solid state parts to keep in stock for people
and I sell at most reasonable prices.
73 from Earl
ve3ab up in Elliot Lake
ON Canada
(north of Michigan) and
north of the North
Channel of Lake Huron.
link to my home page VE3AB...    www.hamelectronicsmagazine.com (a free on line ham radio
magazine) dedicated to the technical aspects of ham radio.
The high cost of buying new crystals
may eventually cause many FT301s to go
out of service.

I have a few spare crystals left for the
FT301..but not many.

If you know of a source for crystals at a
better price than JAN..who seems to be
charging $30 or $35 (something like
that)..Id like to know about it.

Also..I buy crystals to stock for these old
Beware surplus crystal sellers on ebay. This guy said
the crystals were 24.5 mhz in his ad on ebay. I
ordered about 6 or so. Turns out..they are just
common clock crystals 24.560 or something along
those lines.

He merely "rounded off" the crystal frequency to one
decimal place rather than three. Makes a hell of a
I may go out and spend $40 or so for a proper 24.5
mhz crystal from JAN crystals to finish up this mod in
the winter of 2012/2013 (future project).
Hello Earl,
I contacted an electronics place that actually has the  The TIL 306 and
they called me this morning for the price quote :
" $300.00 & $500.00 USD Each ! " this is from 4-STAR electronics in California

I guess
gold may be cheaper and easier to buy  .
The sales rep said the US government is their main clientele go figure,
anyway just thought i would drop that little tidbit upon you.

Thanks again for all your help so far
CUL  73 (Identity protected)
WA1ESO  has a one man shop and he makes EXTENDER CARDS for various rigs. I have bought one extender card from him for my FT301s and
I plan to use it in near future when I go in to work on one of these rigs.
One fellow actually used a type of copper tape to build a
heatsink for the old digital readouts. Heat is the enemy
and causes the displays to burn out with time.
I now offer free PDF file manuals from this web
site (www.earlandrews.com and mirror site:

I offer the 53 page shop manual for the FT301s
and other manuals like the Argonaut 505,509,
515 and Atlas 210x.
For desoldering I use a simple iron with
squeeze bulb and extra parts that I purchased
from Radio Shack a number of years ago.
Right pictured: me with a bread board test jig I
built for testing display seven segment LEDs
Which FT301 model do you own? Its listed in that 53 page shop
manual. See the Model Chart pictured  LEFT.
ABOVE: I had just finished wiring in the AADE display to my FT301. I made a bit of a mistake
with the physical part of the job. Electrically and operationally..it works fine. I will try and get
at it and do some furthur enhancements..but these days..Im busy trying to survive the
recession. I have been selling a few parts here and there to finance my hobbies.
The rig itself ..is too large and heavy
to send to me for repairs..
BUT..you can send suspect circuit
cards for me to plug into my FT301
and do the fault finding. I can
generally plug in and test quite a few
cards for free and trouble shoot the
defective cards for about $25 or so
plus any parts required. My parts are
not expensive either.  
The crystals may be the Achilles Heel of
the FT301..and perhaps some other
older radios. The cost of replacing a
bank of crystals over time would be
prohibitive if they were custom made!
Perhaps there will be some sort of
aftermarket crystals produced sometime?
These older digital display parts (ft301) often burn out with time (and heat). I have sold about 15 or so and
now I have no more left! - Ebay prices are very steep! I would highly recommend the AADE aftermarket
liquid crystal display. I had good luck with the kit I built and found it fairly easy to get going.
There are more pages to this article..just follow the links in blue text....

NOTE: I have unlimited ..everything..with this Yahoo Web Site so feel
free to visit as many times as you like! 73 earl ve3ab