Cushcraft 440 and 144 mhz yagi on the same boom with a single 50 ohm feedline
I've made a few bucks
lately by selling some
parts and gear that I have
bought and sold.

What do I do with the few
bucks I make??

Well I spend it on Radio
Gear of course!!

Here is one such
purchase. A Cushcraft 2
meter and 440 mhz little

There are 3 elements on
each band.

The nifty part about this
antenna is the fact that
you use a single 50 ohm
coax from the shack to
the antenna.

I will be adding some
more technical notes to
this dimensions
and spacing and the feed
line configuration a little

I have some old 2 meter
yagis and 440 mhz yagis
that I want to incorporate
in a similar fashion to
make a large 2 meter and
440 yagi for dx work.

The manual says that
because of the harmonic
relationship between
these 2 bands it is
possible to use the single

There is a feedline
harness which goes with
this antenna.

I carefully measured the
dimensions.  Both
feedlines to each gamma
match are the same
length. I suppose the
impedances are so
different on each band
that the transmitter sees
only one antenna at a

I made a sketch of the
antenna and marked
down all the dimensions.
I hope to duplicate a
homebrew version of this
antenna in the spring
Now its up on the Tower. Seems to
do quite well for the repeaters in
the area. I have tried several calls
on 144.200 but no openings yet. should be horizontal for
serious ssb work. I hope to build
some sort of mount on the tower
to allow some rotation of the
antenna. Most of the action here is
to the southern Ontario
and northern/southern Michigan.

Michigan is across lake Huron and
I can pick up W8 stations if there is
a bit of inversion on. I have a
pretty good VHF location.
If you are really keen to build one of these interlaced yagis...I could give you the dimensions. Feel free to send me an email.
link back to my main start page ve3ab  (note for email my callign
at is a good email address for me).